Days of vaguely dividing the bill is passe! Going Dutch made easier and quicker with Groupshare! 
Iphone Groupshare Split Bill
You and your buddies just had the best night out.
But now comes time to settle the bill.
Pizza Groupshare Billeasy Pizza Groupshare Billeasy
With Billeasy get a Digital Receipt, and click “Groupshare” & get the list of all the items on the bill.
# Before Splitting Bill Restaurant Receipt Digital Billeasy
You select each item and click on the person who had it. Divide the items either by quantity or by the number of people.
# Groupshare Split Bill Window Groupshare Split Bill Billeasy
You click done and before you know it, everyone gets their share of the bill on their phones. Even if they don’t have the Billeasy app.
Groupshare Full Splitted Bill

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